Holiday Themes, Seasonal Inspirations & Lots of FUN!

Dragonfly Nature Programs provides in-school nature studies designed for young people, ages 2 and older. Lessons are designed to support each unique developmental stage, so lessons are age appropriate. Inspiration for each month's lesson comes from NC itself: the seasons, the plants & the animals we share our space with. Dragonfly Nature Programs allows student's questions and interests to direct their experience & hopes each study encourages students to enjoy the natural world on their own.

While most of our clients see Dragonfly monthly, some pick & choose a few visits a year. It's your choice. Because we serve such a wide range of schools, Montessori, daycares, home schools and elementary schools and a variety of age groups, pricing is variable. Visit the pricing page for more information or contact Rachel with questions. Thank you for your interest in Dragonfly!

Below is an overview of the lessons offered during the 2019-20 school year. Some lessons include live animals, all lessons include animal & plant 'biofacts' to deepen each student's connection to nature!

July 2019 Seashells by the seashore

Let us bring the beach to you this summer! Students will learn about the animals that make shells & investigate the physical properties of a wide variety of seashells. Nothing says summertime like holding a seashell to your ear!

August 2019 flutterby butterfly

With an overview of what it means to be an insect, we then zero in on the all-important and ever so lovely butterfly. This lesson will bring out the inner entomologist in each child.

September 2019  the forest floor

We will experience the sights, smells and textures of the forest floor, including the critters who call this habitat home. Our rich forest soils are the basis of our forest ecosystem here in NC, and it’s worth having a look at what makes it so vitally important.

October 2019  NC’s Fall harvest

Fall is a special time of year for many reasons and we will celebrate our state’s bounty while advancing your student’s understanding of plants & why they grow fruits & vegetables like apples, gourds & corn among others. Happy Fall!

November 2019  the flow of energy

Life on Earth begins with the sun. We will follow the flow of energy from the sun through food chains, considering the interdependence of plants & animals in the web of life.

December 2019 evergreen

This plant investigation will focus on the coniferous trees of NC plus the hollies & mistletoe that keep their color and their leaves, even in the cold of winter. Tree decor is a fun tradition for many this time of year, so it is worth considering the history & ecology of evergreen plants.

January 2020 our night sky

This program is a basic introduction to astronomy starting with the reasons for night & day and an exploration of constellations in our Northern skies.

February 2020  birds in the field

Birding is a hobby for all at any age! This month we will learn about birds as we consider common field markings & birding skills needed to enjoy this hobby and maybe even participate in Citizen Science events like February’s Great Backyard Bird Count.

March 2020 spring showers & the rainbows that follow

Leprechauns follow rainbows in search of gold. We will follow storms in search of rainbows this March. Let’s investigate thunder, lightning, rainstorms & rainbows.

April 2020  prehistoric nc

Alright kiddos, this one is for you! You have asked and asked and here it is: DINOSAURS! Did they really live in NC? We’ll take it WAY back this April as we consider prehistoric NC.

May 2020  peculiar plants of the tarheel state

Our NC coast is native to so many unusual plants, like Venus Fly Traps & other carnivorous varieties. This program will cover basic plant science but will focus on the peculiar varieties of plants in our state.

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