Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.
— Vera Nazarian

Books About Animals

  • Pre-K+ "I'll Follow The Moon" -Stephanie Lisa Tara 
  • Pre-K+ "Sea Turtles Up Close:  -Jennifer Nolan 
  • Grades 2+ "Living Wild: Sea Turtles" -Melissa Gish A fantastic resource for teachers wanting to know more or for curious kids to read with an adult or to look at the great pictures. Gives cultural information along with biological & a fabulous Hawaiian folktale about sea turtles.
  • Grades K-3 "Follow the Moon Home" -Phillippe Cousteau A terrific story about kids who spring to action when they come to understand the hardships of hatching sea turtles. To use as an inspirational story or to launch into a project of your own.
  • Pre-K+ "If Sharks Disappeared" -Lily Williams Who cares if all the sharks die? Well, actually, our ocean ecosystems would collapse if they did. This book perfectly explains that to kids (and adults).
  • Grades 1+ "Shark Week: Everything You Need to Know" -Martha Brockenbrough From basic information to crazy fun facts!
  • Grades 1+ "DK find out! Sharks" -Sarah Fowler Really neat diagrams with small bits of information to go with it.
  • Grades 1+ "Animal Planet Chapter Books Sharks! Amazing Animal Facts -Lori Stein I'm always really impressed with the quality of information about animals and science these groups & writers put out these days!  A quality resource.
  • Pre-K-1  "An Earthworm's Life"  -John Himmelman  Super simple text and nice illustrations.  A great way to introduce students to earthworms.
  • Grades Pre-K-3  "Wiggling Worms at Work"  Wendy Pfeffer  Gets into how worms contribute to soil health.
  • Grades Pre-K-3  "A Beetle is Shy" Diana Hutts Aston  By now you guys have to know this series is one of my favorites!
  • Pre K-2  "The Salamander Room"  - Anne Mazer
  • Grades K-2  "A Salamander's Life" - John Himmelman
  • Grades 1-3 "Salamander Rain"  -Kriten Joy Pratt-Serafini
  • Pre-K-Grade 3 "Owl Moon" -Jane Yolen This book is good anytime, but maybe more so in the winter as it is a book that makes you feel like you are out "owling" in the wintry woods with the characters!
  • Pre-K-Grade 1  "Feathers, Not Just For Flying"  -Melissa Stewart Great information about the many uses of feathers.
  • Pre-K to Grade 2  "Mama Built a Little Nest"  -Jennifer Ward           Sweet, sweet book. My 8 year old LOVED it!
  • Grades 1-5  "Everything Bird"  -Cherie Winner  (very kid friendly language with lots of accurate and interesting information)
  • Grades 3+  "Peterson Field Guides for Young Naturalists: Backyard Birds"  (great general information about common birds)
  • Grades 5-8  "What Makes A Bird A Bird?"  -May Garelich
  • Pre-K  "How to Hide a Butterfly & Other Insects"  -Ruth Heller
  • K-2  "Are You An Ant?"  -Judy Allen & Tudor Humphries
  • K-3  "The Best Book of Bugs"  -Claire Llewe
  • pre-K-grade 2  "A Butterfly is Patient" -Dianna Hutts Aston & Sylvia Long
  • Grades 1-4  "Cicadas!  Strange & Wonderful" -Laurence Pringle
  • "Carolina Seashells"  -Nancy Rhyne  A small paperback perfect for your beach bag.  This book will help you identify what you find at the beach this summer or anytime throughout the year.
  • "Seashells of Georgia & the Carolinas, a Beachcomber's Guide"  -Blair & Dawn Witherington  Also a great guide for a trip to the beach.  This book has fewer individual organisms listed than Rhyne's book but lots of information on groups of organisms.  This is a great book for kids to flip through in the classroom.
  • Grade 2+"Snails & Other Mollusks"  -Steven Otfinoski  While written for terrific second grade readers and older, I learned a lot from this book!  This would be a great resource for class projects on mollusks or just a good read for a young animal lover.

Books About The Environment

  • Grades K+ "Everybody Needs a Rock" -Byrd Baylor Gives 10 rules for picking out rocks which is a great start to any lesson in nature and becoming a better observer.
  • Grades K+  "Life in a Bucket of Soil"  -Alvin & Virginia Silverstein  This book is all about the abundant life in the soil and the effect they have on the soil itself.
  • Pre-K-1  "Up in the Garden & Down in the Dirt"  -Kate Messner  This story describes the changes in a garden both above and below ground; very sweet
  • Grades K-2  "A Rock is Lively"  -Diana Hutts Aston  I've recommended this series before.  Pretty pictures and accurate information
  • Pre-K-1  "Rainy, Sunny, Blowy, Snowy  What are the Seasons?"  -Jane Brocket
  • Grades K-3  "On the Same Day in March A Tour of the World's Weather:  -Marilyn Singer
  • Pre-K-1  "Ready to Read Weather Series" -M. Bauer (great for emerging readers; short stories about different weather topics)
  • K-3  "Feel the Wind" -Arthur Dorros (great book to explain how wind works)
  • Pre-K to Grade 2 "When the Moon is Full-A Lunar Year"  -Penny Polluck A book of poems describing the name of each month's full moon as shared through Native American stories/history. It is a great ELA complement to any science lesson on the moon!
  • Grade K-4 "The Constellations" series. This series includes 8 different books on various constellations and is where I got most of my constellation lore from to support this month's lesson. The stories include fabulous and sometimes "colorful" myths that may need an adult to translate it into something more kiddo friendly!
  • Grades 1-4 "Midnight on the Moon" Mary Pope Osborne This is the 8th book in the Magic Tree House series. It is interesting for young readers and has lots of information about what it is like on the moon. She wrote a factual supplement to complement the story with more space facts.
  • Pre-K-K  "The Busy Tree" -Jennifer Ward (the book I read in the twos and threes lesson)
  • Pre-K-2  "One Small Place In A Tree"  -Barbara Brenner 
  • Pre-K-5  "Butterfly Eyes and Other Secrets of the Meadow"  -Joyce Sidman  (a book of poems about nature with an explanation of the related science)
  • Grades 2-5  "About Habitats" -Cathryn Sill (a series of books with information on different habitats; great reference books for projects; beautiful pictures, simple writing but great information)
  • Grades 3-5  "One Small Square:  Woods"  -Donald Silver  (also a series with terrific information)

Books About Plants

  • Pre-K-K  "A Grand Old Tree" -Mary Newell DePalma
  • Grades K-2  "Tell Me, Tree" -Gail Gibbons
  • Grades 1-4  "Living Sunlight:  How Plants Bring the Earth to Life"  -Molly Bang and Penny Chisholm
  • All Ages  "The Giving Tree" -Shel Silverstein
  • All Ages  "The Lorax"  -Dr. Seuss
  • Grades 2+ "The Nature & Science of Seeds" -Jane Burton & Kim Taylor (wonderful research book with activity ideas)  
  • Grades 2+ "The Life of An Apple" -Clare Hibbert (great for a research project and beautiful pictures) Recommended for Grade 2+  
  • Pre-K-1 "What Kinds of Seeds Are These?"  -Heidi Bee Roemer   
  • Grades K-2 "A Seed is Sleepy" -Diana Hutts Aston (absolutely beautiful pictures!)  

If there is a book not listed that you think should be added, please, leave me a message. If there is any book on the list that was especially liked by your kids, please share! Links to Dragonfly's social media accounts are below.