“Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives.”
— Thomas Berry

Technology Links About Animals

  • We learned about electroreception in the elementary aged shark sense class; here is a shark research project that shows how the shark's 6th sense really works! A very short video synopsis of the project.
  • Sea Turtle Nesting  A video a little over 3 minutes long; best for elementary aged kids
  • NC Nature News: The Marbled Salamander
  • Check out how beavers make their dams!  
  • Grades K-2  "Inspect an Insect"  just under 4 minutes; provides an overview of information
  • Grades 1+  "Amazing and Unusual Insects"  about 8 minutes; a slideshow of pictures with music
  • Cicada Life Cycle--an AMAZING up close video from the BBC.  It is about 5 minutes and shows the transformation from a larva to a winged adult.  For kids in NC this is so relevant and worth the watch!
  • Seashells.org  A resource to bookmark on the device you bring to the beach so you can identify the shells you collect on vacation!  A great alternative to those of you who have given up on traveling with books thanks to your electronic devices.

Technology Links About The Environment

Technology Links About Plants

I'm sure I've missed some wonderful websites that you know about. Please share your favorites so I can share with others. Social media links are below. Thanks!