Dragonfly Nature Programs LLC is proud to offer in-house nature studies for grades K-2, all of which cover the science NC Essential Standards for each grade level.  The programs are perfect for public and private schools.

Below on the left, you will find a summary of the studies we offer, by grade level.  On the right, a list of printable forms.  At the bottom of this page you will find more information about hosting nature studies at your school.  Thank you for your interest in Dragonfly Nature Programs LLC.


Living Wild in North Carolina [P.2.1 - P.1.1 -  L.1.2]  What makes an animal an animal?  How do they grow and change? What do they need for survival? How to they meet those needs? We will explore animal classification with an interactive look at wild animals of NC. *May include live animals

How Powerful Is The Wind? [K.E.1.1 - K.E.1.3] We wear jackets when it’s cold and hats when it’s sunny.  How do plants & animals cope with weather changes?  In what ways can we take advantage of weather?  We will test the power of wind to find out!

First Grade

Soil Rocks! [1.E.2.1 – 1.E.2.2] Let’s explore the physical properties of rocks & soil! This lesson includes a hands-on exploration.  Students will understand the importance of both rocks & soil.

Stars, Planets & Moons, Oh My! [1.E.1.1 – 1.E.1.2] We will turn your classroom into the night sky during this interactive lesson. **An additional lab fee of $0.50 per student will apply for this lesson

Home Sweet Home [1.E.1.1 – 1.L.1.2 – 1.L.1.3] Explore four different habitats of the deciduous forest ecosystem. What effect do humans have on these habitats?  Students will get their hands dirty during this lesson. ***Restricted availability due to material requirements. Please schedule August-October or March-May only.

Second Grade

Life Cycles of North Carolina [2.L.1.1 – 2.L.1.2] North Carolina is home to a wide variety of organisms.  Some live a unique & fascinating life.  Let’s follow the life cycles of 4 different organisms common to NC. *May include live animals ***Restricted availability due to material requirements.  Please scheduleAugust-October or March-May only.

Now Hear This! [2.P.1] Many animals rely on a keen sense of hearing for survival.  We will test our own listening skills & investigate how animals communicate through sound.

Variation Among Vertebrates [2.L.2.1 – 2.L.2.2] There are 5 major groups of vertebrate animals.  What do they have in common?  How are they different?  Let’s find out! *May include live animals


Pricing & Additional Information

Dragonfly strives to provide a thoughtful, age appropriate and hands-on learning experience at an affordable price: $7 per student/two class minimum  See our pricing page for more information.

In-House Nature Studies run approximately 60 minutes

Teachers are expected to remain withstudents & manage behaviors

Classes may not combine; each class is taught separately