Dragonfly is EXPANDING it’s public school programming.

We are busy working to add grades 3-5 nature studies & updating our K-2 programs. The result will be nature studies designed to meet NCSCOS in science for all elementary grades. Come back mid-May for more information as this is still a work in progress! Thanks for your patience.

Please find pricing information by scrolling to the bottom of this page.


Junior Zoologists [K.L.1.1-K.L.1.2] Through play & careful observation, students will experience for themselves the wonders of some of NC’s native animals.

*May include live animals

Weather Whatchmacallits [K.E.1.3} Students will enjoy this opportunity to learn about the tools we use to measure, cope with & harness the weather. How do plants & animals cope with changes in the atmosphere? 

First Grade

The Secrets of Soil [1.E.2.1-1.E.2.2] This is a scientific exploration that will leave students with a better understanding of the special properties of both rocks & soil.

Stars, Planets & Moons, Oh My! [1.E.1.1 – 1.E.1.2] We will turn your classroom into the night sky during this interactive lesson. 

**An additional lab fee of $0.50 per student will apply for this lesson

Home Sweet Home [1.E.1.1 – 1.L.1.2 – 1.L.1.3] Explore three different habitats of the deciduous forest ecosystem. Which animals will we find in each? Students will get their hands dirty during this lesson.

*May include live animals

***Restricted availability due to material requirements. Please schedule August-October or March-May only.

Second Grade

Life Cycles of North Carolina [2.L.1.1 – 2.L.1.2] North Carolina is home to a wide variety of organisms.  Some live a unique & fascinating life.  Let’s follow the life cycles of 4 different organisms common to NC. 

*May include live animals

***Restricted availability due to material requirements.  Please scheduleAugust-October or March-May only.

Now Hear This! [2.P.1] Many animals rely on a keen sense of hearing for survival.  We will test our own listening skills & investigate how animals communicate through sound.

Variation Among Vertebrates [2.L.2.1 – 2.L.2.2] There are 5 major groups of vertebrate animals.  What do they have in common?  How are they different?  Let’s find out! 

*May include live animals

Our Blue Planet [2.P.2.1-2.P.2.2]This lesson makes the states of matter relevant for students! We will investigate the physical changes water undergoes as it supports life on planet Earth.



Pricing & Additional Information

Dragonfly strives to provide a thoughtful, age appropriate and hands-on learning experience at an affordable price: $7 per student/two class minimum  

In-House Nature Studies run approximately 60 minutes

Teachers are expected to remain with students & manage behaviors

Classes may not combine; each class is taught separately

Please speak to Rachel Woods in regards to pricing concerns especially for title 1 schools