Stars, Planets & Moons, Oh My!

Suggested Books

  • My second grader loved this book: "One Giant Leap" by Robert Burleigh and illustrated by Mike Wimmer. It tells the true story of when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first landed on the moon, giving a lot of information about the lunar surface in the story. I highly recommend this book to share with the class or as a bedtime story.
  • "If I Were An Astronaut" by Eric Braun An easy read about the experience of being an astronaut. An easy story to inspire future astronauts.
  • "When the Moon is Full-A Lunar Year"  -Penny Polluck A book of poems describing the name of each month's full moon as shared through Native American stories/history. It is a great ELA complement to any science lesson on the moon!
  • "The Constellations" series. This series includes 8 different books on various constellations and is where I got most of my constellation lore from to support this lesson. The stories include fabulous and sometimes "colorful" myths that may need an adult to translate it into something more kiddo friendly!
  • "Midnight on the Moon" Mary Pope Osborne This is the 8th book in the Magic Tree House series. It is interesting for young readers and has lots of information about what it is like on the moon. She wrote a factual supplement to complement the story with more space facts.

Suggested Crafts

  • Moon Sand: this website lists 6 easy recipes, all of which will add a tactile component to a lesson about the moon!
  • Constellation Tubes: a fun craft, can be done with a little planning ahead but otherwise with things found around the house!
  • The phases of the moon can be tricky, but for you elementary (and older) classroom teachers, this display may do the trick!
  • Here is a neat and inexpensive way for little hands to paint the moon with foil.

The Secrets of Soil

  • Suggested Books
    • Grades K+  "Life in a Bucket of Soil"  -Alvin & Virginia Silverstein  This book is all about the abundant life in the soil and the effect they have on the soil itself.
    • Pre-K-1  "Up in the Garden & Down in the Dirt"  -Kate Messner  This story describes the changes in a garden both above and below ground; very sweet
    • Grades K-2  "A Rock is Lively"  -Diana Hutts Aston  I've recommended this series before.  Pretty pictures and accurate information
  • Classroom Activity Suggestions
    • Seed Bombs  What a terrific idea!  This is a relatively cheap, messy and fun idea for Mother's Day gifts!  Very eco-driven and involves lots of sensory work for little ones
    • Mud Bricks  Use mud in the backyard and some ice cube trays to make bricks that can then be used to build a village.  Connect it to a history lesson about cultures that have used mud to build their homes.  Messy, but fun and relatively easy.

Home Sweet Home: a study of habitats

  • Suggested Books
    • "One Small Place In A Tree"  -Barbara Brenner
    • "Butterfly Eyes and Other Secrets of the Meadow"  -Joyce Sidman  (a book of poems about nature with an explanation of the related science)
    • "About Habitats" -Cathryn Sill (a series of books with information on different habitats; great reference books for projects; beautiful pictures, simple writing but great information)
    • "One Small Square:  Woods"  -Donald Silver  (also a series with terrific information)
  • Craft Suggestions (follow the links)
    • Porthole Habitat Craft  The website said this was done by a preschool which I find impressive;  I think it would be terrific to accompany a research project on a habitat--could be really fun for crafty and imaginative kids
    • Mixed Media Forest Print  This could tie into a discussion of using recycled materials for art
    • Animal Homes Color Sheets Just Allows students during some free time to continue thinking about what we learned during this lesson
  • Video Link

If you have a suggestion to add to the list, if you found one of these suggestions to be particularly popular with your students, or if your kids try one of these crafts, please share! Below are the links to Dragonfly's social media accounts where you can easily leave us a message.