Teacher Resources By Grade

I genuinely value how hard classroom teachers work. These resources are my way of trying to help; vetting resources for you & keeping them all in one place! All books, crafts & websites support Dragonfly's lessons and will reinforce each nature study we teach.



Dragonfly offers 2 kindergarten programs at this time: Junior Zoologists & Weather Whatchamacallits. Books, crafts & technology links to support these lessons can be found by following the link below.

first grade.JPG

first grade

Stars, Planets & Moons, Oh My!, The Secrets of Soil & Home Sweet Home are our first grade offerings. Enjoy the resources we've vetted for you on each topic by following the link below.

second grade.JPG

second grade

Whether it's a lesson on life cycles, changes in states of matter, genetic diversity or hearing, Dragonfly has a program for you & resources to match. Please follow the link below for details.