This list is currently incomplete, but will be amended as each lesson is taught. Please visit this page again closer to your scheduled lesson and suggested materials will be added by that time. Thank you for your patience!

Now Hear This

Suggested Books

  • "How Do We Hear?  Sounds All Around Us"  -Charlotte Guillan  I recommend for first-third graders.  This book has GREAT pictures and includes basic human ear anatomy.
  • "Science Fun-Sound!"  -Neil Ardley  Reads like a basic encyclopedia with lots of pictures and fun activities to try.

In Class Activities Related to Sound

  • Why stop at sound? Why not include all the senses with this POPCORN activity. Scroll down on the page for a fun hearing walk activity to be done as a whole class.
  • The Science of Sound:  various activities to try in the classroom, at home on a rainy day or for a science project; from Scholastic
  • A guide to homemade musical instruments! Could be really noisy & a ton of fun!

Technology Links

  • Hearing Games:  some basic computer games for kids to try and match pitch and other sounds.  A fun 10 minutes of play on the computer.

Life Cycles of NC

Suggested Books

  • "Life Cycles" the book series -Sean Callery  There are many books in this series, written for 7-10 year olds.  Each book presents the life cycles of 10 different animals in a particular habitat.  Each book is titled by the habitat, for example "Forests".  The pictures are great, information is great....I'm glad I came across it.  Enjoy!
  • "Caterpillar to Butterfly" -Lisa Herrington  This is a Science Rookie book, so it breaks down accurate information perfectly for second graders!
  • "A Butterfly is Patient"  -Dianna Hutts Aston  This book is a great circle time read for the whole class to introduce them to the butterfly life cycle with beautiful pictures and sweet prose.  This author has MANY great books about nature if you are interested in other topics.
  • "The Life of an Apple"  -Clare Hibbert   A great and informative read.  A wonderful resource for a research assignment.
  • "I'll Follow the Moon"  -Stephanie Lisa Tara  A sweet story about sea turtles.
  • Grades 2+ "Living Wild: Sea Turtles" -Melissa Gish A fantastic resource for teachers wanting to know more or for curious kids to read with an adult or to look at the great pictures. Gives cultural information along with biological & a fabulous Hawaiian folktale about sea turtles.

Craft Ideas

  • Butterfly Life Cycle--using paper plates, pasta and colors, this is a fun, easy activity that you can keep simple or expand as a bigger project.
  • Life Cycle of a Chicken--this is a little involved but totally doable in the second grade classroom

Technology Links

  • The Life Cycle of a Frog--this is an interactive and simple computer animation that students can work through on their own.  It does not require a lot of reading.
  • You Tube Frog Life Cycle--always beware of You Tube--the ads vary and once a video finishes a new one starts and it MAY not be appropriate (just be ready just in case)
  • Time Lapse Video of real frogs metamorphosizing
  • Cicada Life Cycle--an AMAZING up close video from the BBC.  It is about 5 minutes and shows the transformation from a larva to a winged adult.  For kids in NC this is so relevant and worth the watch!

Our Blue Planet

Variation Among Vertebrates

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