Nature Studies Designed For Young People

Most scientists today began their careers as children, chasing bugs & snakes, collecting spiders & feeling awe in the presence of nature.
— Richard Louv

Children are naturally curious.  Nature provides plenty for them to be curious about.  It encourages children to use the full capacity of all senses while offering buffers and refrain from our busy modern world.  If we don't take the time now, to allow children to better understand nature, as their curiosity wanes, so will their tolerance for the natural world.  

Rachel Woods, owner & lead teacher, is a licensed science teacher with more than a decade of experience in the classroom.  She is currently pursuing an Environmental Education certificate through the NC Office of Environmental Education & Public Affairs.  She believes children learn best through interaction and when they are provided a chance to question their own experiences.  The age appropriate lessons provided by Rachel Woods through Dragonfly Nature Programs allows student's questions and interests to direct their experience.  Her advanced training, experience with students of all ages and love of nature makes her uniquely qualified to work with young people.

More [exposure to] nature appears to be better when it comes to bolstering children’s resilience against stress & adversity.
— Nancy Wells & Gary Evans Cornell University

What you can count on

  • Accurate information
  • Thoughtful lessons
  • Considerations for age development
  • Student interaction
  • Suggestions for additional resources
  • Professional yet warm classroom experiences
  • An openness towards collaboration
  • A high quality, affordable experience for your students
  • Messages responded to within 48 hours