“We love having Rachel visit our classroom. We love that she understands the children so well, “gets” who they are and where they are coming from, and is so, so patient with them. Thank you! Oh, and her lessons are amazing and wonderful!”
— Lisa Tate, Montessori Children's House of Durham (2017)
My students loved having Mrs. Woods visit our 2nd grade classroom. The students were engaged in hands on activities and discussions. We all learned a lot of new information on sound and how animals communicate. The materials provided were interesting and kept my students anxious to see what was coming out next. The pace of the lesson was perfect as well. Thank you for being so wonderful to work with!
— Ms. Candace Ginter, Second Grade Teacher (2017)
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We loved having Mrs. Rachel in our first grade classes. I loved the local connection she made about the habitats around us and the kids really loved being able to see some of the animals from those habitats. The real life connections were amazing. She encouraged the kids to explore and think outside the box. They were really engaged and she was so wonderful to work with. :)
— Ms. Candice Knox, HRES-Grade 1 (2017)
We loved having Ms. Rachel visit our 3 year old classroom! The topics she covered were perfect for teaching our little minds about the nature around us that a lot of our kids today don’t get to experience. Ms. Rachel’s calm spirit really helps to keep kids be both focused and excited! Our class especially loved when live animals and bugs came in! Getting to see and touch these animals gave our kids a better appreciation for keeping animals safe and to be gentle around them. We can’t wait to see her after summer!
— Ashley Lund Etheridge -Babes & Kids, Apex NC (2016)
The Kindergarten students in my class were so interested in everything (!) Rachel presented - whether it was an animal, a temperature gauge or a story. She was able to find out their general area of knowledge and engage them further. Students were exploring, experimenting and discovering in both large and small groups, it was very well planned and a whole lot of fun.
— Mary Evans Holly Ridge Elementary School Holly Springs NC (2016)
I was privileged to have Mrs. Rachel Woods as my AP Environmental Science and Anatomy/Physiology teacher. Mrs. Woods thoroughly enjoys her job and is able to transfer her enthusiasm for the subject to her students. She is also able to bring her real-life experiences to her teaching environment.
— Hailey Gase Holly Springs High School Student (2015)
Rachel brings a unique blend of knowledge and enthusiasm to the classroom. She thoughtfully plans lessons to optimize student learning by creatively using meaningful activities to engage students and bring out their love for science. Students know that their educational experience is important to Rachel because of the positive and heartfelt interactions that she has with each and everyone of her students.
— Jennifer Calcavecchia Holly Springs High School Special Education Department Leader (2015)


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